Australian Cyclist Captures Kangaroo 'Apocalypse' In Victoria

"Instead of a zombie apocalypse, it's a fucking kangaroo... i'm kinda terrified" were the words of an Australian cyclist caught up in scenes reminiscent of a furry horror film.

Ben Vezina was leisurely riding through Hawkstowe Park, Victoria, when he saw a mob of kangaroos standing motionless, staring as him as he moved past.

The creatures gave off a distinctly unwelcome impression as they surrounded the man from all angles, before slowly jumping away as he got closer.

Have you ever felt like you're being watched?

The eastern grey species are incredibly social animals and it's not uncommon for them to club together in large groups, but usually, only ten of them at a time.

One reason for a bigger mob to form is the fertile landscape and in Victoria the environment is ideal for for the mammals to thrive, with large open sections of grassland alongside areas of bush to shelter in when the heat rises.

In a big gathering such as this one, they are also able to better protect themselves against predators and threats.

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