Louise Mensch Attacks Channel 4's Paul Mason Over Black Monday Tweet

Louise Mensch's Attack On Paul Mason Leaves Everyone Confused

Louise Mensch has slammed the BBC for something a Channel 4 News journalist said.

Fresh from her spat with chief troll Katie Hopkins over maternity leave, she attacked Channel 4 News' Paul Mason - seemingly misunderstanding him.

Mason, the nightly show's economics editor who used to do the same role at BBC's Newsnight, tweeted a scathingly critical tweet about the Chinese government after the market slumped on Black Monday:

Mensch's reply condemned the BBC - suggesting she thought Mason was still working there, saying the broadcaster had "jumped the shark". The tweet also suggested she believed him to be criticising the British, rather than Chinese government.

She then asked: "Why the hell has he been given prime slots at two successive public sector broadcasters?"

The former MP then defended herself when people pointed out Mason was no longer working at the BBC, saying he had worked for the broadcaster for "years".

This doesn't quite explain her original tweet about Labour's defeat impacting the BBC though, as Mason has worked for Channel 4 News since 2013, long before May's general election.

Mensch has not replied to a request for clarification as this story went live.

Mason has not publicly responded to Mensch. Yet.


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