Man Caught Pushing Cyclist Off Her Bike Into Traffic In Whitechapel Turns Himself In To Police

A 33-year-old man has handed himself in to police after being caught on camera pushing a female cyclist off her bicycle and into oncoming traffic.

Police said the man attended the Bethnal Green police station around 1.30pm and identified himself as the man shown in the video.

He was not arrested but was interviewed by officers from Tower Hamlets, police said.

Video of the incident, caught on the woman's helmet camera, was released to the media on Tuesday.

Do you recognise this man who pushed a female #cyclist over in #Whitechapel into traffic? Call 101 ref 180410

— Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) August 25, 2015

It showed the woman, in her early 40s, telling the man, "Please don't try and knock me off", as he passed close by him in Whitechapel, London.

The man then told her to shut up and then disappeared from view.

A few seconds later he appears at her side and shouts: "You want to put your finger up at me your mug?! Come on!"

He then violently pushes her to the ground.

Paul Kitson from the CTC, a cycling charity, and a solicitor with law firm Slater and Gordon, told The Guardian that while the video was "shocking" it was not an "isolated incident".

He said: “In my experience as a cycle injury lawyer I have come across examples of cyclists being deliberately pushed off their bikes by passengers from passing cars, motorists attempting to push a cyclist into oncoming traffic and even using their vehicle as a weapon.

“When a pedestrian deliberately pushes a cyclist off a bike this is a criminal act. The appropriate offence depends upon the extent of the injury.”