WW2 Plane And Jewish Gravestones Found In Polish River After Drought

The recent drought in Poland has revealed an astonishing array of artefacts from the World War Two.

A Soviet fighter-bomber plane, still containing the pilot's remains, shot down by the Nazis has emerged from the now-exposed mud of the Bzura river.

Russian embassy spokeswoman, Valeria Perzhinskaya, said that the plane and remains could be identified by numbers on the wreckage, and the pilot given a proper burial.

Meanwhile in the Polish capital of Warsaw, Jewish gravestones have been revealed by the Vistula river's receding waters. They are believed to come from the Brodno cemetery in Warsaw’s Praga district, according to the Guardian. Brodno was once the resting place of around 300,000 Jewish people but apart from the 3,000 remaining gravestones, all were used as building materials during and after the war.

Jonny Daniels, the head of Jewish foundation From the Depths, said: “Jewish history is buried in the Vistula."

Poland Drought Reveals WW2 History