WhatsApp Unveils Middle-Finger Emoji And Other Changes For Android

WhatsApp has unveiled a raft of new features for its Android users and one of them is really rather rude.

The middle-finger emoji has been introduced to the app's custom keyboard, meaning users can now respond to texts in exactly the way they would in real life.

Alongside 'the finger', a 'Star Trek'-themed Vulcan salute has been added too - to many a Trekkies' delight.

The emjois aren't part of the industry-standard keyboard

But iPhone fans might have to wait just a little longer to offend their contacts - the current changes affect only Android devices.

Other features brought about by the latest update include custom notifications for specific chats and groups and more email-like management messages.

And the ability to mark messages as read and unread is now available after previously having been released as part of a trial.

And WhatsApp have made it easier to send contact information between users, with new contact cards.