Tutorial: How To Style An Afro Like Reginald Christian

If you have an afro that's seamlessly untamable, you need to watch this.

GQ fashion associate Reginald Christian has filmed a masterclass in how to maintain and style the tight curls.

So with no further ado... here are his top tips:

1. It doesn't need to be washed everyday

Christian advises that like him, you should only wash your hair two to three times every week.

The process should take around 40 minutes as you'll need to detangle, wash and comb.

2. You will need to keep it moisturized

If your hair is dry it can become wiry and easy to snap and break.

To keep it healthy, Christian recommends that you use a variety of products.

He uses both Carol's Daughter hair milk and Mizani 25 Miracle milk, which are both leave in conditioners.

Mizani 25 (left) Carols Daughter (right)

3. Tame it after a shower

You'll need to tame it after you come out of the shower and for this, a suggested product to use is Dark and Lovely Au Naturele Moisture.

4. The finishing touches

The key to an amazing 'fro is the finishing touches.

For this, no products are needed, just a good old hair ruffle.