So The Oxford Union Made A Shake It Off Mash-Up To Invite Taylor Swift To Come Talk

Taylor Swift has been invited to address the Oxford Union in a hilarious video mash-up of past speakers singing Shake It Off.

Malala, A$AP Rocky, and Morgan Freeman are amongst the big names featured in the clip, their words cut and rearranged to match the lyrics of Swift’s hit single.

Stephen Fry opens the track announcing, “I stay out too late”, before Piers Morgan chips in, “I’ve got nothing in my brain”.

Psy, Diane Kruger, and Sepp Blatter all join in on the verse, leaving Patrick Stewart to belt out the chorus.

The video, with more than 130,000 views on YouTube so far, is a testament to the brilliance of this country's finest young minds.

Taylor Swift is yet to respond...

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