Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk Refusing Marriage Licenses, 'Hoping To Cash In On Her Bigotry'

NEW YORK -- Questions were raised on Wednesday about the religious sincerity of the Kentucky county clerk who steadfastly refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples despite June's Supreme Court ruling.

A standoff on Tuesday saw Kim Davis deny David Moore and David Ermold their legal right to marry, quoting “God’s authority” as justification.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, right, talks with David Moore following her office's refusal to issue marriage licenses at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead, Kentucky, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

Unfortunately for Davis, it emerged on Tuesday that her piety doesn’t extend much beyond her current stance, U.S. News reporting that she has been married four times, her first three marriages ending in divorce.

And God doesn’t like divorce.

As U.S. News revealed: “She gave birth to twins five months after divorcing her first husband. They were fathered by her third husband but adopted by her second. Davis worked at the clerk’s office at the time of each divorce and has since remarried.”

Davis’ lawyer Matt Staver, who works for Liberty Council, a public interest law firm that specilises in "Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family," dismissed the revelations, suggesting that Davis is no longer that person who breezed through three separations.

“It’s not really relevant,” he said. ”It’s something that happened in her past. She was 180 degrees changed.” According to Mediaite, Davis’ turned to Christianity four years ago, so presumably anything before that conversion has been bathed in God's forgiveness.

Still, Davis will face charges over the issue and will likely lose her job, particularly as her appeal to the Supreme Court was rejected on Monday. So why is she doing it? For money, according to columnist Dan Savage, who told MSNBC on Tuesday that the clerk is a “hypocrite” hoping to make a few bucks out of her infamy.

I think Kim Davis is waiting to cash in,” he told the network. “I predicted from the beginning that she would defy all the court orders, defy the Supreme Court, she would ultimately be held in contempt of court, lose her job, perhaps go to prison for a short amount of time. And then she will have written for her, ghost written books. She will go on the right-wing lecture circuit and she’ll never have to do an honest day’s work ever again in her life.”

”This is about someone hypocritically cashing in, and she is a hypocrite,” he added.

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