equal marriage

The Belfast queen says she hopes she can be an example to young people in Northern Ireland by appearing on the hit show.
The one-size-fits-all model of relationship recognition epitomised by marriage and civil partnerships is no longer appropriate
Many brave LGBT activists worked tirelessly for marriage equality - what's to stop heterosexual couples working to remove gender discrimination from the marriage process?
Growing up as one of the only gay kids in a small northern town was tough. Little did I know at the time that the bullying I experienced at school would change the course of my entire life and would go on to create global change; helping thousands of young people to overcome bullying.
Yes, bad things have happened, we might not agree with a lot of decisions that have been made - but we must not forget the real change, solidarity, strength and courage that's also been seen in events in recent history. This current phase in politics is also a time for positivity and boldness, not just scepticism.
NEW YORK -- Questions were raised on Wednesday about the religious sincerity of the Kentucky county clerk who steadfastly
As the frontrunner for the Liberal Democrat leadership, Tim Farron now presents himself as a changed man. He says he now regrets abstaining on equal marriage, despite not distancing himself from his amendments.... It is not enough to repent of the past when it becomes convenient to do so. The importance of a politician's record is fundamental to the democratic process. We need to understand the underlying values of each candidate, as it is these values that will later guide them in unforeseen events. It is therefore our duty not to sweep a candidate's record under the carpet or to attack those who scrutinise it.
We should not simply wait for the Far-Left to marginalise themselves and tear themselves apart; so long as they continue to presumptively appropriate voices and claim to speak for others, we must continue to speak out and demonstrate that they do not.