02/09/2015 07:27 BST | Updated 02/09/2015 07:59 BST

'EastEnders' Spoiler: Wellard 2 To Join Robbie Jackson When Dean Gaffney Returns (PICS)

We all know by now that ‘EastEnders’ writers aren’t above bringing characters back from the dead. First it was Dirty Den, and then it was Kathy Beale. And now… it’s Wellard the Dog.

Well, kind of.


Earlier this year, Dean Gaffney was confirmed to be returning to the BBC soap for a brief stint as Robbie Jackson, but it’s now been revealed that he’ll be bringing Wellard back with him.

Robbie and Wellard 2

Yes, yes… Wellard did technically die back in 2008 (no, we’re still not over it either), but Robbie’s return to Walford will also welcome the arrival of a new dog, imaginatively named Wellard 2.


Dean has said of the new addition to the ‘EastEnders’ cast: “Robbie and Wellard were inseparable, so it seems only right that there will be a Wellard 2. I think viewers are going to love him!”

Wellard 2

Back in June, Dean spoke of his excitement about his ‘EastEnders’ comeback, and spoke about what his character has been up to in the years since he was last on screen.

He said: “Robbie comes back from India with a son who's four-years-old.

"Robbie's grown up a bit and he's got a few more grey hairs, but in many respects he's still the same. He was always hopeless in love and hapless with cash and he returns without a girlfriend and money.”

At least he’s got himself a canine companion, though, right?

So far little is known about the circumstances surrounding Robbie’s return to Albert Square, other than that he’ll be starring in six episodes, to coincide with the departure of Carol Jackson.

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