Dean Gaffney

'The show does go through rollercoasters... at the moment this is a transition period.'
‘EastEnders’ actor Dean Gaffney has revealed how he thinks the soap’s bosses can pull in more viewers. Earlier this year
Dean Gaffney is set to reprise his role as fan favourite Robbie Jackson in ‘EastEnders’. The 39-year-old actor was axed from
Now, listen. We’re as fed up of seeing news stories about former child stars who have undergone “dramatic transformations
Dean and Gary have been estranged in recent years, following a fight on Christmas Day in 2004, while Gary claims their relationship
We all know by now that ‘EastEnders’ writers aren’t above bringing characters back from the dead. First it was Dirty Den
Dean Gaffney has opened up ahead of his ‘EastEnders’ return, revealing that he’s hoping bosses ask him to stay for longer
Dean Gaffney has announced his return to ‘EastEnders’ as loveable plonker Robbie Jackson, but long-term fans of The Gaffers