19 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

19 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

1. Did it hurt?

No, it was like being tickled with a feather by David Gandy.

2. Do you regret it?

No (Or yes, but please don't remind me.)

3. Well, you're going to regret it when you're older.

4. What does it mean?

It means I probably don't want to discuss that with someone I've just met. Or maybe I just liked it. *Mindblowing*.

5. But if it has no significance, why would you go to all that effort? It should mean something.

6. How many have you got?

I'm not going to stand here and count.

7. Why would you get that on your skin forever?

8. You must want to talk about them, that's why you got them.

9. Are your parents proud?

Yes, actually. Funnily enough I've done more with my life than just getting a tattoo.

10. You've got a tattoo here... *pokes body part with tattoo*

Oh Jeez... I hadn't noticed someone repeatedly stabbed me with needles for an hour.

11. What are you going to do when you hit sags-ville?

Look as amazing as this woman...

12. Who did that? I want exactly the same. Can you tell me the name of who did it so I can take a picture of yours and get exactly the same?

That's not how it works...

13. Won't your kid be embarrassed when you pick her up from school?

14. I'm not sure I like it.

You know it's permanent right?

15. I don't usually like tattoos, but yours is okay.

Now I can finally sleep at night.

16. Can I see all of your tattoos?

Not without me undressing in public but thanks for making things awkward.

17. You'd look much better without them.

18. Is that an actual tattoo?

No it's just suuuuuper realistic.

19. Have you still got your tattoos?

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