Polar Bears Trap Russian Scientists Inside Weather Station In Hunt For Food

Hungry Polar Bears Trap Russian Researchers Inside Arctic Station

A group of hungry polar bears have trapped Russian researchers inside their weather station on the arctic island of Vaygach.

The team of two meteorologists and one engineer attempted to scare away the bears with flares, but failed.

WWF Russia reported that the mammals, who have settled next to the Fyodorov station, appeared looking for food.

A group of hungry polar bears are stalking a team of Russian scientists

The head of the WWF polar bear patrol project, Viktor Nikiforov, stated that the bears have been fighting with each other whilst lurking outside the station.

In his statement, Nikiforov continued: "People living in the Arctic must be prepared to face with a polar bear.

"However, the station staff have no weapons.

"In addition, employees are not provided with any scaring-off devices and the station area is not fenced."

Their presence has halted research as it's too dangerous for the scientists to make their twice-a-day trip to measure temperatures in the sea.

Polar bear attacks on humans are becoming increasingly popular as the natural habitat of the creatures wears away.

The sea ice is melting earlier and forming later each year, making it more difficult for females to get onto land in late autumn to den and onto the sea ice in spring to feed.

This change forces the bears to fast for longer which in turn dramatically reduces their body weight and physical condition.

The mammals are currently listed as endangered and researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey have estimated that two-thirds of polar bears will be gone by 2050.

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