Educational Game 'Slave Tetris' Requiring Kids To Stack Slaves In Slave Ship Pulled After Backlash

People are in uproar over the tasteless game of "Slave Tetris" as part of educational game "Slave Trade", designed to put students in the middle of important and interesting points in history.

Available on gaming store Steam, players have to stack slaves like Tetris blocks to educate them about the horror of slaves being cramped in ships.

The supposedly educational game series - Playing History 2: Slave Trade - includes the description: "Travel back in time and witness the horrors of slave trade first hand.

"You will be working as young slave steward on a ship crossing the Atlantic."

Slave Tetris

A section of Slave Trade

The game is aimed at schoolchildren between the ages of 10 and 14, according to Inverse.

In the segment where users play Slave Tetris, the coloured blocks are replaced with black figures wearing different coloured shorts.

They appear at the top of the screen and players arrange them so they fit together in the slave ship.

However, after more people found out about the segment of the game, they took to Twitter to air their views.

The game creator Serious Games Interactive released a statement, which read, according to the Metro: "UPDATE: The game and trailer has been updated. Slave Tetris has been removed as it was perceived to be extremely insensitive by some people. This overshadowed the educational goal of the game.

"Apologies to people who was offended by us using game mechanics to underline the point of how inhumane slavery was. The goal was to enlighten and educate people — not to get sidetracked discussing a small 15 secs part of the game."

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