03/09/2015 20:05 BST | Updated 16/04/2016 19:03 BST

'Strictly Come Dancing': 'Call The Midwife' Actress Helen George Reveals The Biggest Cause Of Her Nerves

‘Call The Midwife’ actress Helen George has admitted she’s apprehensive about her forthcoming debut on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, but probably not for the reason you’re expecting.


Helen has said that she’s feeling anxious about the show because she’s not used to appearing on TV as herself, having become known to the public for her role as Trixie in the BBC period drama.

Speaking to HuffPost UK and other reporters at this year’s ‘Strictly’ press launch, she revealed: “I’m not so nervous about the dancing as such… well I am, obviously. Really nervous.

Helen George

"But the pro dancers are so good that I’m more nervous about all the camera stuff, because I’m not used to just being myself, and talking to the camera.

“I find it really intimidating. And also just saying things straight down the barrel, and all that stuff is so foreign to me. And not being in character - I’m getting sweaty palms just talking about it!”

She then joked: “I need to find a character to play on the dance floor and re-name myself… Shaniqua.”

Helen in character on 'Call The Midwife'

One thing Helen says she is excited for, though, are her ‘Strictly’ outfits, specifically “all the glitter”.

Addressing her costumes, she told us: “The dresses are incredible, and they’re things that if someone said to you in real life, ‘wear that’, you’d be like, ‘there’s no way’.

“But then you totally get in the mood, and they’re like ‘oh just have it a bit shorter, and have it a bit lower, and have some more glitter...’”

Despite her nerves about the show, Helen has been named among the early ones to watch by her celebrity competitors, alongside fellow contestant Peter Andre.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ returns to our screens on Saturday night (5 September), when it will be revealed who the celebrity contestants have been partnered with from this year’s professional dancers.

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