Apple iPhone Event Liveblog 2015

LIVEBLOG: Apple Unveils The iPhone 6s And More...

The wait is over. The Apple Event has begun, with Tim Cook telling us to expect some monster announcements.

In a surprising turn of events, Apple began its blitz of announcements by unveiling the iPad Pro which will include an all new Apple Pencil as well as a host of productivity apps that Microsoft ( yes that's right) introduced.

Every September Apple unveils a new iPhone. Starting with the original and continuing every year it has become one of the largest dates on the tech calendar and well 2015 is looking to be no different.

Apple is expected to not only unveil the iPhone 6s, but also a new powerful Apple TV that will focus on gaming. There's even the rumour that the long-awaited iPad Pro might make an appearance.

What are we expecting from the iPhone 6s? Well expect a significant power increase for starters, there's also the small fact that Apple might just include a revolutionary new screen technology called Force Touch.

Currently featuring on the Apple Watch, Force Touch allows the device to detect the pressure with which you push down on the display - opening up the option for shortcuts and even multi-tasking.

Of course you could watch the event live, but then that's time consuming and requires constant attention, so for quick checks and easy to consume information we've put together this humble liveblog.

We'll be covering the event live so just check back here for all the Apple Event news including specs and new features for the iPhone 6s, Apple TV and maybe even the iPad Pro.


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