Beauty Blogger Jordan Bone Opens Up About Her Disabilities In Powerful Video

Beauty blogger Jordan Bone has a firm following of 71,000 YouTube subscribers.

But until today, many of the 25-year-old's fans did not know about the challenges she faces every time she films a tutorial.

In the video above, Bone, from Norfolk, reveals she was in a car crash 10 years ago that caused her to become tetraplegic.

She now uses a wheelchair and can not open or close her hands.

"To be able to do my makeup good enough to show you guys is a massive achievement for me," she says in the video, which has now been viewed more than two million times on YouTube.

Bone decided to create the video in response to people writing "what's wrong with your hands?" in YouTube comments.

She says that becoming a beauty blogger was her way of her letting the world see that she was "still Jordan" after the accident.

"Being the girl in the wheelchair wasn't the plan - so I didn't want people to see just the chair.

"There are so many struggles in my life - I can't dress myself or do my own hair - being able to do my own makeup is my thing."

In the video, Bone demonstrates the things that she usually edits out of her videos, such as how she uses her mouth to undo makeup packets and get her brushes in the right position in her hand.

"It may be weird but it's my way," she says.

The vlogger is now encouraging her viewers to share the challenges they've encountered in their lives and how they've overcome them, using the hashtag #MyBeautifulStruggle.

"Like contouring and highlighting teaches us, when there is darkness there is always light. That is the same with life. No matter what hardships you're going through, know that even in the darkest times, there will always be a light shining brighter," Bone says.

"Showing the vulnerable you isn't always easy, but know that you are beautiful, no matter what."

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