Peter Hitchens Tell Owen Jones That David Cameron Has 'No Interest In Changing Anything'

Peter Hitchens Met Owen Jones And David Cameron Was The Big Loser

Journalist and author Peter Hitchens has laid into David Cameron brutally, claiming the Prime Minister has "no interest in changing anything" and tries to keep only upper-class men in high Government posts.

In a wide-ranging interview with Guardian columnist Owen Jones, the brother of the late famed atheist Christopher Hitchens also accused the Tory leader of orchestrating a clever, costly election campaign which only won him the May general election on points, rather than as the result of a moral victory.

While he insisted the Prime Minister was a "perfectly nice chap", Hitchens claimed that Cameron did not stand for anything and decried the UK for being a bankrupt, non-sovereign and country robbed of both its culture and its past.

Hitchens hit out at the Prime Minister

"I simply underestimated the enormous power of lies and money which enabled the Conservative Party to obtain a victory in the election," he told Jones in a video published on Monday.

"There was no national trend, what there was was a fantastically clever, well-targeted very costly campaign by the Conservatives in targeted constituencies, which won them a technical on points, which wasn't a moral victory."

He added: "Nobody really won that election morally but it was quite efficient to forming a majority Government - and it was more effective than they thought it would be."

The Tory leader was accused of having 'no interest in changing anything'

Voicing his concerns on Cameron, Hitchens mused: "I don't think he stands for anything. I think he stands for obtaining office for the sons of gentlemen -- he's jolly good at it.

"He's quite likeable - I can't feel any passion against him - its impossible.

"He's a perfectly nice chap, I'm sure, but he has absolutely no interest in changing anything; he has a great deal of interest in maintaining things as they are and in being in office while they are maintained."

Hitchens' criticism of Cameron came as the Prime Minister's pledge that Britain would take in 4,000 Syrian refugees a year was brutally dissected on social media.

Twitter users piled in to lambast the Tory leader for taking a two hundredth of the refugee numbers that Germany had committed to, and announcing the pledge amid another revelation about a Welsh-born jihadist being executed by an RAF drone strike in Syria.


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