Katie Hopkins Cheerleads David Cameron For RAF Drone Strike That Killed 'Jihadi Bryn'

Katie Hopkins Takes On Role Of Chief Cheerleader For Cameron's 'State Assassinations'

An apparently bloodthirsty Katie Hopkins is celebrating the RAF drone strike which killed a Cardiff-born British terror suspect.

Reyaad Khan, 21, [and Ruhul Amin of Aberdeen] were targeted on 21 August in the first ever attack of its kind by the UK, David Cameron confirmed this week.

As debate rages over the Government’s decision to effectively assassinate British citizens in a foreign country without a vote in Parliament, Hopkins is cheerleading the move.

Reyaad Khan was killed in a drone strike on 21 August

She tweeted: “Loving the drone strike in jihadi Bryn and the fact we directed it. Go Cameron Go. That’s more like it. It’s a one way ticket my friends x.”

In her column on Friday Hopkins, who has apparently christened Khan ‘Jihadi Bryn’ because of his Welsh roots, wrote: “A few years back he was asked if he thought the world was a good place? He said: ‘It is a good place, you just have to get rid of the evil.’

Jubilant: Katie Hopkins has applauded the death of Reyaad Khan

“And funnily enough, Jihadi Bryn, that’s exactly what has happened. Thanks to a natty drone strike back in August you are no more.

“The world is a little less evil. If his family are looking for tears of sympathy, they are looking at the wrong woman.”

Khan and Amin were both killed in a drone strike while travelling in a vehicle outside the city of Raqqa on 21 August, in what Cameron has called an “act of self defence”.

Airstrike: Ruhul Amin from Aberdeen

The PM referred to plots being foiled aimed at "commemorations", which are thought to relate to the VE Day and Armed Forces Day events this summer.

On Tuesday Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told Radio 4’s Today programme that ministers “wouldn’t hestitate to do it again” if the UK was under attack.

Questioned on whether there is a list of terrorist who could be targeted in the same way, he said: "I don't want to go into numbers and details in public, but there are a number of terrorists out there, in Syria, based in and round Raqqa, Isil's headquarters, who are actively involved in planning attacks on our streets, who have been planning attacks on the streets of Australia and on the streets of the United States. So it is more than just the individuals that have been involved in this strike."

Michael Fallon: "There are a number of terrorists out there who are actively involved in planning attacks on our streets."

Asked if the list was more than two or three men, he replied: “Yes.”

So-called ‘state assassinations’ have become the norm for Israel and the United States in Afghanistan, but not for the UK.

In the Commons yesterday, Mr Cameron confirmed that the strike was unprecedented for Britain but said it was justified because of the direct terror threat posed by the men.

Asked by acting Labour leader Harriet Harman if this was the first strike of its kind, he replied: “The answer to that is Yes. This is a new departure.”

Referencing a quote from the Prime Minister's speech on Monday, when he told MPs the 4,000 a year figure was a decision made with "head and heart", Hopkins told her almost 600,000 Twitter followers: "Britain is thinking with its heart not its head. That's like dancing with your elbows."


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