Woman Uses Lifelike Dolls To Deal With Pain Of Stillbirth, Then Told To 'Kill Herself' In Cruel Online Taunts

A woman who has turned to dolls to help her deal with her stillborn son has opened up about the online trolls calling her "creepy" and "weird".

Sabrina McKenna, 35, from Northern Ireland had a stillbirth three years ago and bought two reborn dolls, having one made to look like her son, Jamie.

A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl doll that has been made to resemble a human baby - with as much realism as possible.

The woman argued these lifelike replicas of babies help ease the the pain of losing her Jamie, especially as she has been unable to conceive since.

McKenna told the Mail Online: "My reborns made me happier than I had been since my son died. Being able to hold them in my arms helped me fill that empty arm feeling that only a mother who has lost a child will understand."

Sabrina McKenna with her two reborn dolls, named Lily and Jay

The 35-year-old said cruel taunts online which have told her to "take her own life" and "kill herself" have been awful to read.

She said she is not hurting anyone, so does not understand why people are wishing her dead.

McKenna added: "I cannot tell you how much they have helped ease my pain and suffering while I mourn for Jamie and wait for doctors to tell me why I have not been able to conceive since he died."

McKenna said she spent years trying to conceive with her partner, and finally fell pregnant when she was 31.

However, at her 32-week scan, the doctors failed to find a heartbeat.

She gave birth to her son, Jamie, and took him home for one night before his funeral.

The months after, McKenna battled depression and split with her partner.

She has previously spoken out about how she began to buy toys for Jamie to try and feel closer to him, giving her a small feeling of comfort.

In April this year, McKenna started thinking about buying a reborn doll to help ease her pain.

She added: "I’d seen them on Facebook and thought they were beautiful. Up until then I wasn’t even able to go near friend’s babies because it was too upsetting for me."

McKenna paid £110 for a doll painted and weighted to look and feel like a real baby and called her Lily, and later asked to buy a boy reborn made to look like Jamie.

She said there were "tears of joy" holding him, remembering what it was like to hold her son.

Although initially posting the photos online was met with support, she soon started receiving abusive messages from strangers.

After being told she should "kill herself" from a stranger on Facebook, McKenna took the dolls back.

However she said she missed them when they weren't there and recently brought them back home.

Mckenna added: "Why should I have to give up something that brings me joy just to please others?

"I wish I could hold a real baby and dress a real baby but I cannot so please don’t bully me for finding comfort in reborns."


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