Sports Bra With Intel Curie Chip Revolutionses Sportswear By Responding To Temperature And Sweat

This Bra Uses A Seriously Smart Computer Chip To Help You Stay Cool

Science and fashion have teamed up to give the world an ultimate sports bra that responds to sweat and temperature.

The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra comes with vents that can increase air flow when the bra senses a rise body temperature, sweat and breathing rates.

Underpinning this incredible item of clothing is a button-sized device from Intel, known as Curie.

In a blog, Chromat stated: "With integration of the Intel Curie module, the sports bra can intuitively respond to perspiration, respiration and body temperature.

Despite being no bigger than a button, the chip still includes 384kB flash memory, 80kB SRAM, a sensor hub, a gyroscope and battery charging circuitry (PMIC).

"This responsive clothing enables the wearer to break through barriers such as overheating to achieve peak performance."

Chromat have also a designed a responsive dress known as the Chromat Adrenaline Dress, which as you probably guessed from the name, reacts to adrenaline.

If it senses a sudden release of adrenaline, the dress will apparently change shape to mimic the flight or fight response.

According to Chromat, the dress will form an imposing shape presumably mimicking fight.

While most dress and bra-wearers will be quite keen to try out these intelligent items of clothing, they are not yet on sale.

We wait patiently for when we can put this on our Christmas list.


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