15/09/2015 10:41 BST | Updated 15/09/2015 11:59 BST

New York Fashion Week: Rain Dove Talks Being A Runway Model And Gender Capitalist

Model Rain Dove has spoken out about her role as a "gender capitalist" in a new documentary, focusing on how she is redefining fashion evolution in light of New York Fashion Week.

Her androgynous look has helped Dove land several high profile runway shows and ad campaigns and she has appeared in both male and female clothing lines.

The short film follows the model behind-the-scenes of her work, after she invited Bustle to New York City to join her at various model castings.

Model Rain Dove walks the runway at the Loris Diran fashion show during New York Fashion Week

During the video, Dove discusses some interesting facts about the Fashion Week casting process, including that being 6’1’’ is considered too tall and how it helps to tell the casting agents your Instagram following.

Dove also discusses the purpose of her "imperfectly perfect" features and her helping to break down barriers as a "gender capitalist."

"A gender capitalist is someone who takes advantage of opportunities given to people based on their perceived sex or gender,” she said.


Dove continued: “When I’m a gender capitalist in the fashion world, I basically can go to any casting that I want to as long as somebody likes my face.”

The Huffington Post is currently running a #NYFW4All and #LFW4All campaign championing diversity and inclusivity on the catwalk.