Jeremy Corbyn Isn't Alone In Disliking The National Anthem, These Polls Show

Corbyn Isn't Alone In Disliking The National Anthem, These Polls Show

Jeremy Corbyn is not alone in being left cold by our national anthem, according to recent polling.

YouGov polls show you are more likely to be ambivalent about God Save The Queen if you vote Labour and are young, with nearly half of young people saying they don't know the first verse.

Corbyn was accused of inflicting "offence and hurt" when he did not join in singing the anthem at an event commemorating the heroism of those who fought in the Battle of Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn not singing the anthem

But a YouGov poll from 2014 found 43% of 18 to 24 year olds do not even know the first verse, while another 13% are not sure they do and 28% have never heard it. This compared to 89% of those over 60 who claimed to know the first verse by heart.

The poll also found party vote counted, with 83% of Tory voters knowing the first verse, compared with 65% of Labour voters.

Londoners were the most ignorant of the anthem, only 63% knew the first verse, while 75% of those in the rest of the South did.

At the Queen's 2012 Jubilee, YouGov also asked how people felt about whether the anthem, finding many people described "pride" it instilled but those who disliked it :used a slew of derisory ‘d’ words to describe how they felt about it: ‘dull’, ‘depressing’, ‘dour’, ‘dull’, ‘downbeat’ and (most popular) ‘a dirge’".

“A National Anthem should be about the people and the country and not an individual. Surely this is why the word ‘national’ is used. Surely God would like to save all the people and not one person," one person told the pollsters.

"The whole idea of a National Anthem being devoted to one person is absurd and insulting to the rest of the country."


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