national anthem

The NFL has resisted players’ efforts to peacefully protest police brutality ever since former quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the anthem in 2016.
The president waved his hands, pointed and pretended to conduct the anthem when he has always insisted people should "stand proudly."
Considering how angry President Donald Trump gets when NFL players kneel during the national anthem, you think he’d actually bother to learn the lyrics.
The singer’s statement comes after widespread malaise toward her Fergalicious rendition of the song.
The TV star’s 1990 version just might have been replaced as the all-time worst.
'We will be changing the national anthem to fit the words that Trump was singing.'
The U.S. president has focused on the anthem, attacking professional athletes who kneel in protest during the song.
Student union officer Mahamed Adbullahi said God Save the Queen was 'outdated' and 'doesn't even bang'.