JK Rowling Brilliantly Shuts Down Twitter Troll While Swearing Like A Trooper

JK Rowling has angrily shut down a Twitter troll who accused the best-selling author of “angling for some online abuse” in a bid for publicity.

Iain Taylor had butted into a conversation between the Harry Potter author and STV journalist Stephen Daisley.

Daisley, who has composed online Tumblr lists entitled ‘Why I Hate Scotland’ and ‘Why I love Scotland’ had tweeted: “You know what I hate? Everything.”

Like butter wouldn't melt: JK Rowling has been slaying Twitter trolls in her spare time

Rowling had responded by posting a photograph of Jim Murphy, the former Scottish Labour leader who resigned in June (and who was the sole person on Daisley’s Why I love Scotland list) with the quip: “No you don’t. Come on, give us a smile.”

Taylor intervened in the exchange to infer Rowling was attempting to drum up publicity for her forthcoming play.

A clearly affronted Rowling quickly turned the tables, shooting back: “God knows how Harry Potter got so big! I could go weeks at a time without being called a Quisling whore in the 90s.”

She followed up with: “Just heard from Warner Bros. ‘Cancel the trailers, somebody’s called her a cunt on Twitter again!”

When one of Rowling's followers asked the author why “in the world you would dignify that kind of thing with a comment”, Rowling replied with a Maya Angelou quote: “Each time a woman stands up for herself… she stands up for all women.”

Nailed it.

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