Rapper Ice Cube Mistaken As 'ISIS Convert Living In Birmingham' In Latest Meme Fooling Far-Right Supporters

Everyone knows Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube is 'Straight Outta Compton', but not supporters of the far-right apparently.

The original member of N.W.A, the early days of which are depicted in the recently released movie of the same name, has landed another role - this time as a supposed Islamic State (IS) convert.

Images of Ice Cube, who is worth an estimated £100m, have been used to create a meme purportedly showing an IS fighter sneaking into Britain.

One picture, showing him in a kayak, is in fact from 2005 comedy Are We There Yet, and the other is from his early days with N.W.A, where he rapped along with Dr Dre.

The image which is being shared around social media declares: "This Muslim convert ISIS soldier is pictured here on a boat crossing from Syria to Greece on 23/08/15. The second picture is the same Muslim-convert ISIS soldier pictured in a block of high rise flats in Balsall Heath, Birmingham on 13/09/15. They're here. Don't say we didn't warn you."

The image was created by Michael Williams who posted it to his Facebook page on Tuesday "to basically mock people who consistently share anti-refugee propaganda/Islamaphobic posts".

Williams told the Huffington Post UK: "I see it all too often on Facebook where people share stuff designed to fear monger others and it works.

"I was hoping they would share it and make themselves look a bit stupid. To be fair this has worked a treat on a fair few of these people with the first comment back to their shared post usually being "Mate, are you serious? That's Ice Cube, an American rapper", which I certainly think makes them look even more stupid than they were when they were posting their 'Send the buggers back' posts."

Although the image carries the logos of both Britain First and the English Defence League, it is understood neither are involved in its creation, although both groups have shared anti-refugee memes which have later been identified as fakes.

As the migrant crisis has gathered momentum, doctored images aimed at stirring up anti-refugee sentiment have flooded the internet.

These images were shared over 70,000 times before it was made clear that the man pictured was not in fact an ISIS fighter

Last month a picture purportedly showing an IS fighter who was now a refugee, asking "are we suckers or what", was shared over 70,000 times on one Facebook account alone before it was identified as a fake and the poster apologised.

Vice last week did a round-up of the most shared fake anti-refugees memes, which included pictures which were in fact taken in 2013 in Christmas Island off the coast of Australia. The Independent also detailed the fake picture trend on Tuesday.

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