Richard Dawkins Accuses Texas Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed Of Committing 'Fraud'

'Twitter Crank' Dawkins Accuses Texas Clock Boy Of 'Fraud'

Richard Dawkins' dubious Twitter form underwent a further mutation on Sunday, the evolutionary biologist claiming Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old arrested last week after a teacher suspected a homemade clock was a bomb, was guilty of "fraud."

Mohamed was arrested and questioned by police officers at the MacArthur high school in Irvine last Monday. He was subsequently suspended for three days. The controversy gained national attention, including an invitation from President Obama to bring his clock to the White House.

Dawkins opened with these on Sunday morning:

Rebuttals followed:

Then this:

More rebuttals:

Yet Dawkins' ire remained fixed on Mohamed's claim he invented the device... and not the fact that a teenager was arrested for exploring rudimentary electronics.

Then a slight evolution in Dawkins' thinking:

Then this climbdown:

But Twitter was not having it:


This post encapsulated the general bafflement:

Any finally, this retweet by Dawko.

We await tomorrow's Twitter pantomime in which the author weighs in on the Kim Davis case by focusing on her husband's straw hat.

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