Paranormal Activity Video Captures Ghostly Happenings In Irish Kitchen

'Poltergeist' Sends Lights Swinging And Doors Crashing In Terrifying Home Movie
Its getting way worse I defo have to move houseA woman in Ireland is claiming to have captured paranormal activity on video, as strange happenings occur in her kitchen. Ashy Murphy, hailing from Cork, recorded footage of lampshades swinging, cupboard doors opening and objects being hurled across the room.The frightening scenes, which appear to have no explanation, evolve as the camera pans to the ceiling, focusing on the lampshade that suddenly appears to move by itself. poltergeistThe lampshade swings supposedly on its ownAs the video progresses the suspected paranormal activity escalates and the kitchen cupboard doors swing open seemingly on their own.The climax of the drama comes as the camera moves over to the sink as pots smash, causing a loud banging noise, before an object flies across the screen.Murphy, who uploaded the video to her Facebook account, wrote: "Its getting way worse, I defo [sic] have to move house."

The footage, which has currently been shared over 180,000 times, has received mostly positive comments.

One user wrote: "You're one brave girl I couldn't stay there at all" while another posted: "The minute I see that lamp move I would have run away."

Paranormal activity enthusiasts explain the physical disturbances by claiming that they are performed by a poltergeist.

Supposed ghostly experiences can be often caught on camera and last month orbs appeared on a baby monitor above a sleeping child.


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