A poltergeist believed to be responsible for the most violent haunting in Britain has apparently reared its ghoulish head
I am happy to admit to you all that I am partial to a paranormal documentary. Show me a spooky doc, with interviews from unreliable witnesses and cheap event reconstructions, and I will show you pure, unadulterated happiness.
The footage, which has currently been shared over 180,000 times, has received mostly positive comments. One user wrote: "You're
A while back, I was asked by a horror fan who had never seen the movie whether it would live up to his expectations. I was about to answer an enthusiastic 'yes' when I paused; all of my experiences of Poltergeist are filtered through having first seen it in my early teens.
Before and after: How Brian and Bridget O'Neill found their apartment last week Brian and Bridget O’Neill found clothes scattered
For nine months in the late 1960s, the Pritchard family came under attack from reportedly supernatural forces at 30 East Drive, Pontefract, Yorkshire. Now, writer-director Pat Holden has drawn on the events at his Auntie Jean's council house, in a disturbing new film, When the Lights Went Out.
Here's something that you may not know already: Australian ghosts like Fruit Roll-Ups. Well, this Australian ghost does. If