Teddington Lib Dem Councillor Jennifer Churchill Defects To Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party

Lib Dem Councillor Defects to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party

A Liberal Democrat councillor has defected to the Labour party in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

Teddington councillor Jennifer Churchill told the Richmond and Twickenham Times new Lib Dem party leader Tim Farron “doesn’t seem to stand for anything – making him in this sense even worse than Nick Clegg.”

She also accused the party of “parroting Tory economic propaganda.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Jennifer Churchill has defected to the Labour party

She added: “I wouldn’t say [it has been coming] for a long time – when Jeremy Corbyn was elected, it became a real possibility.

“The Labour Party’s policies are more in line with my own views.”

Earlier this week prominent Lib Dem peer Baroness Tonge said she was considering defecting to Labour, remarking that many in her party found Corbyn to be a “breath of fresh air.”

Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership race earlier this month

Baroness Tonge, formerly MP for Richmond Park, complained she had not “heard a peep” on policy from Farron.

She told the Sunday Times: “I know that lots of Lib Dems are contemplating supporting Jeremy Corbyn, including me.

“ I like and admire Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell [the shadow chancellor]. I think they are some of the most honest people you could come across.

“On defence and foreign policy, Palestine and the bomb I agree with them and they are very green. I am not sure on Europe. I think the rich should be paying for the recession.”

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