Birth Photographer Captures Mother 'Delivering' Her Own Baby During Caesarean

Powerful Photos Of Mother 'Delivering' Her Own Baby During Caesarean

The incredible moment a mother helped lift her own son out of her womb as she gave birth via caesarean has been captured in raw, beautiful photos.

Before Jane Prichard from Australia fell pregnant with her son, she had experienced four miscarriages and failed rounds of IVF.

During the birth, she was able to help the doctors lift out her son, who she has named Tex, and place him straight on to her chest.

Rana Rankin from Breathe Birth Photography was present at the birth.

Rankin told HuffPost UK Parents: "To be part of something like this was amazing, not just as a photographer, but as a midwife and mum too.

"The highlight of the whole birth for me though was the empowerment of a mum. Jane felt like she had some control over a birth which wasn’t her first choice.

"I believe women should be supported to birth in a way that gives them choices, this is their birth experience.

"I loved how supportive the whole hospital team was, it was an absolute credit to John Flynn hospital.

"The emotion when Jane reached down and lifted Tex onto her chest was amazing."

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Mrs Prichard said: "The head was out and the top of the shoulders and he [the obstetrician] said 'Jane, it’s your turn now'.

"I put my hand under Tex’s arms and pulled and Dr Dutt was saying to be slow, do it slowly.

"I had to use a little bit of force, and I pulled him out slowly on to my chest."

Prichard's son Tex was born on 23 September. He is her second child with her husband Matthew. They also have a six-year-old son called Jett.

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