Dogs Tucking Babies Into Bed: YouTube Videos Prove Pups Are Well-Versed In Baby Sleep Skills

Proof Dogs Love Tucking Babies Into Bed

A video showing a dog tucking a baby into bed has been doing the rounds on Facebook, with people commenting on the caring manner in which the Labrador gently uses her nose to push a blanket over the sleeping child.

But this is not one lone pup with a penchant for child care.

A little bit of investigation reveals that the Labrador video (which was originally shared on YouTube a year ago), is one of many clips that prove baby sleep skills are far more widespread in the dog world than we realised.

Watch the video above to see some dogs who are well on their way to achieving a child care diploma.

And tucking in isn't the only part of the bedtime routine our canine friends have mastered. They're also a dab-paw at rocking babies asleep. See the video below for evidence.

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