Stevi Ritchie To Release Single On Simon Cowell's Record Label, Following 'Celebrity Big Brother' Stint

Simon Cowell Signs Unlikely 'X Factor' Star

Simon Cowell can boast having chart-topping stars like Ella Henderson, One Direction and Little Mix on his record label, but he can now add a rather unlikely singer to the list… Stevi Ritchie.


Yes, he might not have won everyone (*cough* anyone *cough*) over, during his dubious time on last year’s ‘X Factor’, but the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ finalist has now revealed that he is now on the roster of Simon’s Syco label.

Stevi Ritchie

Before anyone acts too surprised about Simon’s decision to sign up Stevi, let’s not forget that other hit singles the music mogul is responsible for include ‘Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh’ and Mr Blobby’s eponymous Christmas number one single.

Simon Cowell

Remind yourself of Stevi’s musical prowess with his rendition of ‘Music Of The Night’, from ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ (story continues below…)

Last week, Stevi left the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, finishing in joint fifth place with his fiancée, and fellow ‘X Factor’ singer, Chloe Jasmine.

The couple had a tumultuous time together in the house, with Stevi claiming that when they were back in the outside world, he wanted to spend “two weeks apart” from Chloe, who wasn’t exactly thrilled with his suggestion.

Perhaps if she realised that he needed some alone time to pen what is sure to be an international hit, she wouldn’t have been so upset...

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