Google Unveils New Chromecast And Chromecast Audio Which Can Make Any Speaker Wireless

Google's New Chromecast Audio Will Breathe New Life Into Your Speakers

Google has unveiled Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, two new streaming sticks that'll let you stream to both your TV and your speakers over WiFi and Bluetooth respectively.

Google's Chromecast dongle has become something of a smash hit for the company effectively turning any TV into a 'Smart TV' via the use of a WiFi-Connected HDMI dongle that plugs into the TV.

You can then stream content straight to the stick using either your Android smartphone or iPhone as a controller. The genius stroke behind Chromecast however is that it's never streaming from your phone so there's never any lag.

Instead Chromecast streams directly from the router, using the phone as nothing more than an advanced remote that tells it what to play.

Google Chromecast 2015

Google's new Chromecast dongle immediately sets itself apart from the previous model thanks to a bold new design that comes in three colours.

Then there's the increased capabilities. The new Chromecast can output in Full-HD and has been given something of a hardware and software boost.

With faster WiFi users will experience much faster loading times when streaming shows from Netflix while a revamped operating system gives the whole user experience a far slicker look.

This new-look user experience also comes with the added benefit of new content streams allowing you to create your own homepage that loads every time you turn the Chromecast on.

Developers have also introduced a new software feature, called Fast Play, that pre-loads content. During their tests, Google said the time taken to load content was reduced by 80 percent.

Additionally, the colourful device will support Facebook and Flickr.

Google Chromecast Release Date And Price

Of course it wouldn't be a Chromecast if it wasn't ridiculously cheap and thankfully this year's model is not different. The 2nd-generation Chromecast will set you back just £30 placing it well below the price of both Apple TV and the new Amazon Fire TV 4K.

Chromecast Audio

Now this was the product that really surprised us. Google has unveiled a new Chromecast specifically for audio products.

Connecting via a standard headphone jack or by USB, the Chromecast Audio adds smart wireless capabilities to any speaker you own.

Using the same interface that's found on the normal Chromecast, Chromecast Audio will let you stream high-quality music from Google Play Music, and Spotify.

It'll also support multi-room in much the same way that Sonos does so you'll be able to connect your speakers across your house or split them up as you see fit.

While it might not seem like that much of a revolutionary device considering how many connected products are out there already, Google is targeting those who are yet to update their audio products.

Chromecast Audio Release Date And Price

Much like the Chromecast for TV, Chromecast Audio won't break the bank, costing just £30 and it'll be available to buy today in the US and over the next couple of weeks in the UK.


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