Robert Peston 'Set To Leave BBC For Senior Role At Rival ITV'

Robert Peston Looks Poised To Jump Ship From The BBC

The BBC's famed economics editor Robert Peston is poised to jump ship to rival station ITV, after officials sought to score a coup recruitment by poaching him from the public service broadcaster.

55-year-old Peston, who has worked in the BBC for almost a decade, is said to be favourite among those vying to become the next political editor of ITV News, following previous incumbent Tom Bradby's move to anchor News at Ten.

The reporter - known for his staccato delivery - has already been offered the post and is expected to make a decision on the defection later this week, Radio Times reported.

Those claims have not been denied by either ITV or the BBC, with a spokespeson for the latter saying: "We do not comment on individual staff matters."

Peston is said to be making up his mind about the move

An ITV News spokesperson added: "We're in the middle of a recruitment process for the ITV News political editor role so we won't be commenting on speculation."

Peston previously told Radio Times he was looking for "another big challenge", but said: "I haven't the faintest idea of what it would be."

He continued: "I mean, I love the BBC. I genuinely don't know. I don't feel under any great pressure, because I do love what I do, and I'm quite lucky that I don't just have the economics ed job, but I have the joy of doing other things."


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