Top Google Search Terms From Syria Show Just How Desperate Refugees Are

Top Google Search Terms In Syria Show Just How Desperate People Are

Syrians are scouring the internet for the nearest hospitals and routes out of the war-torn country, the top Google search terms reveal.

In the past two weeks, the most searched terms show that people are looking for medical attention and are even trying to treat horrific injuries, such as burns, themselves.

Al Jazeera's video (above) also reveals that the most popular search topics are all related to finding ways to Europe - with particular emphasis on Germany.

News that refugees are making their way to Germany will come as no surprise after chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany would not turn away any Syrian asylum seekers.

The European country is expected to take in 800,000 refugees this year. The top two searches coming out of Syria are "immigration to Germany" and "asylum in Germany".

Routes to Germany are also some of the most searched terms.

This will undoubtedly have led many in Syria to search on Google such terms as "Hungary Syrian refugees" and "news of Hungary".

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Humanitarian charities say they are not surprised that people are looking for health centres, as well as ways out of the war-stricken state.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, Ben Webster, head of emergencies at British Red Cross, said: "People are just living day-to-day, so obviously in a conflict situation they are going to be desperate, just trying to access health care and things while there is fighting going on around them.

"They are probably unable to access the health facilities so they are going to take matters into their own hands.

"You can completely understand why people want to leave that situation."

He added: "You look at the Syrian crisis, it's one of the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world - of this generation - so of course [our] resources are stretched, especially after four and a half years, but we do what we can."


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