Moulsham High School Changes Uniform Policy To Stop Girls Hitching Up Skirts And 'Showing Thighs'

This School Has Introduced Skirts That Make 'Hitching Up' Very Tricky

A secondary school has introduced a new type of skirt in an attempt to stop girls hitching them up to show their thighs.

Teachers at Moulsham High School in Essex, said they found themselves constantly telling teenage girls to stop rolling up their straight uniform skirts.

So they decided to change the uniform policy to make girls, aged 11 to 16, wear long grey and white tartan pleated skirts.

Deputy head teacher David Stevens said the new skirts are harder to roll up and their design makes it easier for teachers to spot if they are not being worn correctly.

He said: "The former uniform skirts could be rolled quite easily and we had girls walking round showing most of their thighs.

"The new skirt is very difficult to roll up and, if girls do, it is quite conspicuous and easy to spot.

"Yes, some girls have moaned that it is too long, but on the whole they have accepted the new skirts and we are really pleased with how smart and sophisticated they look walking round school."

Plans for the new skirt began last year when parents and their daughters were asked to vote on two designs - a long navy skirt and the tartan.

The tartan won by a large majority and a bulk order was put in.

All girls, aged from 11 to 16, are now wearing the new skirt

All girls in Year 7 to 10 received a skirt paid for from school funds and parents were then offered the chance to buy a second one at a reduced price.

No other part of the school uniform has been altered.