Ronnie Pickering Road Rage Video Given 'Ultimate Mashup' Treatment By Newsnight

Newsnight Just Created The Ultimate Ronnie Pickering Mashup

The video of Ronnie Pickering shouting his own name at the victim of his road rage has finally been adapted into a mashup of him shouting his name in famous film scenes.

The former amateur boxer was filmed shouting abuse and challenging motorcyclist Steve Middleton to a fist-fight after an incident at a roundabout in Hull.

Mr Pickering accidentally coined his catchphrase when he repeated his own name over and over again after challenging Mr Middleton by asking: "Do you know who I am?"

Mr Middleton said "who the fuck's that"' and kept asking Mr Pickering to repeat it until he shouted "Ronnie Pickering!" at it at high volume.

The footage went viral, so Newsnight did the obvious thing and closed their show on Tuesday night with this one-minute mashup of "Ronnie Pickering!", which dubbed over James Bond introducing himself in 'Dr No' and threatening Liam Neeson in 'Taken' by shouting "Ronnie Pickering!"

Meanwhile, Mr Middleton has since said he regrets "humiliating" Mr Pickering! by uploading the video.

"I didn't want to humiliate Ronnie. I just wanted to have a laugh with my friends about what happened on my way home," he told The Hull Daily Mail.

"Why would I want to fight him? It wasn't a boxing match. There wasn't a prize. I had nothing to fight for but I didn't want to back down. I felt he was bullying me."

Mr Pickering! has also spoken about the fallout from the video, telling The Hull Daily Mail: "I’d like to apologise for my outburst.

"He really got to me. I am not an aggressive guy. He was baiting me so I thought I would give him a few of my thoughts."


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