Man Lifts Three Crates Of Beer With His Penis

Pushing his own curiosity to new extremes, this man has found his genitals hold amazing strength.

The unknown strongman - wearing a strategic loin cloth to protect his modesty - has been filmed appearing to lift three crates of beer with his penis.

An odd skill to posses, the man is not the only person to attempt such a stunt with genitalia.

The unknown man protects his modesty whilst heavy lifting

The footage shows him stepping up onto two chairs, his legs spread apart with the three crates of beer between his legs.

After a small adjustment, he starts lifting up the alcohol and swinging it backwards and forewords with apparent ease.

As his thrusts become more powerful, the camera pans to a bewildered audience.

The man then casually replaces the items on the ground, receiving a polite applause from onlookers.

In scenes of a similar nature, one woman claimed she had the world's strongest vagina after lifting barbells with her genitalia.

Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who takes part in vagina weightlifting, showed off her prowess on "The Body Shocking Show."

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