'Sea World Is Going Down': Pamela Anderson Speaks Out At PETA Event

Pamela Anderson has slammed Sea World and predicted the imminent demise of the once popular marine theme park.

The ex-Baywatch actress - famous for lending her voice against marine animal captivity - made the claims during an event celebrating the 35th anniversary of PETA.

The US tourist attraction has hit record lows of attendance since the 2013 documentary film "Blackfish" was released. In August 2015 the company announced an 84 percent earnings decline in the second quarter.

Pamela Anderson spoke out against Sea World's captivity of Orca's and marine animals

Anderson told the Associated Press: "I just feel like it’s coming around – Sea World is going down – maybe we need to make choices based on the environment rather than the economy.

"We live in a little bit of a bubble here and I know there are people all over the world who care about climate change, and care about animals and captivity."

Anderson was just one star to speak out at the PETA event and she was joined by fellow animal activists William H Macy, co-host Anjelica Huston and James Cromwell.

"Blackfish", which gained popularity on video streaming service Netflix, detailed alleged abuse of animal rights at Sea World parks and raised concerns for the wellbeing of captured whales.

The film chronicled the life of captured orca Tilikum, the animal responsible for the death of at least one whale trainer since being held in captivity, and included interviews with former Sea World workers.

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