Simone Anderson Shows Results Of Skin Removal Surgery On Tyra Banks' Show After Trolls Called Weight Loss Photos 'Fake'

A woman accused of "faking" her own weight loss pictures has appeared on Tyra Banks' show FABLife to talk about her struggles.

Simone Pretscherer Anderson, 24, starred on the show just six days after undergoing nine-hour skin removal surgery.

Earlier this year Anderson made headlines after shedding almost half of her body weight in less than a year. She then documented her journey on social media and gained a huge following in the process.

But some people didn't believe that her weight loss was real and called her a "liar" and a "fake".

Rather than letting the haters win, the makeup artist bravely silenced trolls by posting pictures of her excess skin.

Just six days after having skin removal surgery, Anderson appeared on FABLife to talk about her surgery and weight loss.

She said that after the skin removal surgery she is "a little bit tender, but not too sore".

Prior to her weight loss, Anderson weighed 26 stone and 8lbs (169 kg), but lost more than half of that in the space of 11 months by cutting her portions down and exercising more.

"I knew if I didn't make a change, I wasn't going to live to see 30," she revealed.

After she lost the weight, she was proud of her achievements. But her spirits were soon dampened when she was accused of being a "fake".

At the time, she wrote on Facebook: "I don't know why but every single comment that called me out for being fake and a liar really bothered me far more than it should."

"I think it's because it took hours of crying and debating whether to share my story online and for others to see, posting the first picture online along with my weight for the world to see was the hardest thing I have ever done," she said.

"Throughout my whole journey I have tried to be so honest about the whole experience and tell people exactly as it's happened, so to be called a fake hurt a lot."

Anderson also revealed her motive for sharing her weight loss journey online.

"If I put my weight, and photos of me, online, then I knew that there was no going back," she said on FABLife.

"For me I knew if I made it a public journey and put myself online then I would be kept accountable. I knew that if I put my weight and my measurements and a photo of me literally half naked online for the world to see that there was no turning back.

"I could have no bad days, no bad weeks, that was it."

Since the skin removal surgery, she has issued some sound advice for dealing with haters.

"No matter what they try and say to you, you can overcome it," she said. "I know now that I can take on anything."