Should You Buy Shares In Lloyds? Government's £2bn Offer Encourages Investors

Experts have welcomed the government's announcement that £2 billion of shares in Lloyds will be made available to the public, and are encouraging people to invest in the bank.

On Monday, George Osborne announced that the Treasury would be selling its remaining 12% stake in the bank and that a sale aimed at private investors would be launching in Spring next year.

As an incentive, investors will be offered a discount of 5% to the market price, with those applying for less than £1,000 of shares will being given priority.

Lloyds Bank

Speaking to experts about whether it is a good time to invest in Lloyds, the Huffington Post UK was told that the offer will be very attractive to many people, particularly because of the discount that is offered and the reputation that Lloyds has.

Laith Khalaf, senior analyst, at Hargreaves Lansdown said: "Wild horses couldn’t drag investors away from this share sale, especially given the discounted price and the dividend stream Lloyds is expected to start churning out.

"Pensioners in particular are likely to respond to a trusted high street brand with a decent yield when interest rates are so low."

Mr Khalaf said that Lloyds was a very popular brand amoung his clients and said that, while pensioners will be enticed by the government's offer, the public offering will also be attractive to first-time investors who want to save for their future.

He told the Huffington Post UK the bank had "come a long way since the financial crisis", adding it was a "well known brand and generally a trusted brand".

Mr Khalaf said that, because Lloyds is focused on the UK retail markets, it does not have the same "global risks" that global banks may have.

Hargreaves Lansdown reports that Lloyds used to be a "dividend giant" in the FTSE 100 prior to the financial crisis and now it is expected to yield 3.5% this year and 5% in 2016.

Comparing these statistics to the other best easy access savings account, which yields 1.65%, and the ten year government bond which currently yields 1.7%, the Lloyds shares could be a very appealing investment, experts say.

The government is offering one bonus share for every ten shares bought and held for a year, up to a maximum of £200 in bonus shares.

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