11/09/2014 06:36 BST | Updated 11/09/2014 10:59 BST

9 Scottish Nationalists Who Think RBS' Move Is A Unionist Plot

Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group have angered pro-independence campaigners online by warning that they would move their headquarters from Edinburgh to London in the event of Scottish independence.

The two banks have said they are doing this to reassure concerned customers, staff and investors, but pro-independence campaigners are up in arms. They have seized on the fact that the UK government owns 81% of RBS and just under 25% of Lloyds as evidence that they are being manipulated for the pro-unionist cause.

HuffPostUK has found that quite a few people are using this as a way to dismiss RBS and Lloyds' "predictable" Scottish independence warning.

This chap thinks the government pushed the two banks to wade in...

These two seem to think the BBC is part of the pro-unionist plot as well...

This Twitter user isn't fussed by the banks' "obvs" response to Scottish independence...

Meanwhile, this one thinks the banks' reaction is proof of yet more "scaremongering" by the UK government

This pro-independence campaigner thinks George Osborne is behind this...

This chap is also adamant that coalition ministers "prompted" the announcement...

And this guy thinks you're daft if you don't also blame it on the UK government...

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