Mr Hoverboard Crowd-Funding Kit Lets You Build An Actual Hoverboard At Home

This Guy Deserves A Medal, He's Created A DIY Hoverboard That Anyone Can Build

Mr Hoverboard could potentially be the gadget we've all been waiting for.

First showcased via a blurry YouTube video, it's the creation of Ryan Craven and takes a plank of wood, four leafblowers and combines them into one real-life hoverboard.

No, you don't need a copper-lined laboratory or a custom-built skatepark (Lexus we're looking at you), all you need is a local hardware store and a flat surface that you don't mind falling onto quite a lot.

Craven has somewhat refined his design since those blurry YouTube days and the results are an odd-looking but futuristic design that you can now buy pre-built. All you need to do is add those leafblowers.


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