What Your Face Shape Says About Your Personality

This Is What Your Face Shape Says About Your Personality

If you've ever wondered what people's first impressions of you are, look no further...

Jean Haner, who practices ancient Chinese medicine, claims that your entire personality can be depicted by your face shape.

In a report on the theory she said: "There are patterns in the features of your face and in your birth date that reveal your personality, who you really are inside, your strengths and challenges, and what your true calling in life is meant to be."

The shape of your face could reveal all

Read below to find out what your face shape says about you:


If your face is rectangular in shape, you value logic and you’re a really good thinker. Plus, you’re an awesome planner. But at times, you overthink and you hold it all in.


If you have a round face, you’re a people person. You’re giving and kind and you always put others first. However, sometimes you put other people first too much and that means you don’t always get what you need from a relationship.


If you have a diamond face shape, you’re a control freak. You’re very detail-oriented, but that also means that you produce quality work. And you enunciate like a pro, meaning you’re a great communicator.


For heart-shaped faces, you are strong-minded and stubborn. You’re like an Energizer bunny - but not from stamina, from inner power. This does mean that you can sometimes steamroll people, but if you have a goal, there’s nothing you won’t do to achieve it.


If you have an oval face shape, you always know the right things to say. You do this to make other people feel welcome and comfortable. That said, you don’t always have to say what everyone else wants to hear.


If you have a square-shaped face, you are gung-ho and a total go-getter. You love taking on huge projects because you have so much stamina.


And if your face is pear or triangle-shaped, you like to be in charge. In fact, the narrower your forehead is at the top of your head, the more you have to be in control. That drive also means you’re often very successful.

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