Banana Health Benefits: This Is Why You Should Add The Fruit To Your Shopping Basket

Bananas are brilliant. There, we said it.

In the video above, the guys at Eye Opener TV have dished the dirt on why the fruit is so good for you.

Here's what we've taken away:

  • They are the perfect fitness fuel. Bananas are great for before and after workouts because they're rich in glucose, which helps give you an optimal fitness session and replenishes sugar afterwards.
  • They're also rich in potassium which is great for warding off muscle cramps and dizziness.
  • They are a great resistant starch, meaning they resist digestion and keep appetite repressed.
  • They feed healthy gut bacteria, which boosts metabolism.
  • They can help reduce belly bloating. This is supposedly because of the thick peel, which means they carry very few pesticides. Consuming pesticides can lead to weight gain because toxins get stored away in fat cells.
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