This $3,000 Hoverboard Works In The Real World And We Want It

Lets get one thing straight right now. This isn't a hoverboard, and we know this because by using our eyes we can see that it's definitely not hovering.

The good news though is we don't care, because while real hoverboards do exist they cost £10,000 and require your very own metal-coated skatepark for them to even get off the ground.

Now this may come as a shock, but we don't have a metal-coated skatepark and the likelihood is that neither do you, so for now, this will have do to.

It's not too much of a hardship though, the Hoverboard is a stunning collection of technological innovations that prove if you have the determination and the money, anything is possible.

That single wheel has an integrated 5,000 Watt motor which can power the Hoverboard to a range of 12-miles, not bad when you look at the size.

A supercharge battery means you can power it up in just 16mins and thanks to the position and design of the wheel, the whole experience actually feels like you're floating anyway.

Ok, there is a catch, it's over $3,000. Which is a LOT, we know. The good news is though that as this technology becomes cheaper to produce and batteries become more efficient, the price will inevitably drop.