Tesco Concedes Tags On Plastic Bags 'A Mistake' As Shoppers Report Heightened Security

Those Tesco Anti-Theft Bag Tags Were 'A Mistake', Company Concedes

A Tesco store's decision to place anti-theft tags on its five pence plastic bags was a "mistake" the company has conceded, as shoppers report heightened security up and down the country.

Pictures emerged online which showed tags installed on bags at Tesco's shop in Surrey Quays, south-east London.

A user of the Sh*t London Facebook group initially reported the scene, before others noticed the tags at the store.

Now Tesco says that this decision was not policy, and that it was doing all it can to help customers cope with the newly-introduced charge.

Tesco told The Independent: "We've been doing everything we can to help customers minimise the impact of the bag levy charge and we're really pleased with how our customers have responded.

"This incident was a mistake, security tags should not be placed on this product."

But now people are reporting similarly bizarre incidents at supermarkets across the country.


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