'Hoverboards' Are Illegal To Ride On UK Roads And Pavements Police Warn

We Have Some Bad News: 'Hoverboards' Are Pretty Much Illegal Everywhere In The UK

You might want to sit down for this, we have some bad news.

'Hoverboards' are now officially illegal on UK roads and pavements. The Metropolitan Police tweeted a picture along with a warning that new gadgets were actually illegal to ride unless you're on private property.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, 'Hoverboards' like the AirWheel Airboard are actually classed as motor vehicles, which means that:

"As such drivers will require a driving licence and third party insurance. A driver of a self balancing personal transporter will be in breach of section 87 and section 143 Road Traffic Act 1988."

But don't worry because there's no chance of you being able to get insurance because as the CPS website goes on to point out: "Segways cannot be licensed for use on a road, they do not come within the categories of vehicle covered by a driving licence."

Oh good.

Classed as 'Self-balancing scooters', these vehicles are not allowed on pavements, roads, parks or any public place. Instead you'll now be limited to using it on your private property or on someone else's with their permission.

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