The Guy Who Owned Actually Got A Cash Reward But Gave It Away

The Guy Who Owned Google For A Minute Has Done Something Utterly Heartwarming

Sanmay Ved, the man who had the distinct pleasure of 'owning' for an entire minute has it turns out been given a cash reward by the search giant.

The glitch allowed Mr Ved to own and have complete control over it for over a minute after having paid a grand total of just $12 for the URL.

Almost immediately Google realised the error and responded by removing control and then refunding the student, but not before Ved received a variety of emails which detailed various sensitive elements of how works.

As well as being given a full refund, Ved has reportedly since been given a 'Bug Bounty' by Google for discovering a glitch in their systems.

Rather than keep the bounty though, Ved decided to donate the bounty to an Indian educational foundation at which point Google then responded by doubling his reward.

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